Breaking News: Sink holes, evacuation standbys – CA needs focus on infrastructure!

As California continues to endure immense storms, OCBC urges lawmakers and Governor Brown to focus immediately on funding the state’s failing infrastructure. In addition to the compromised Oroville Dam spillway that led to the evacuation of 188,000 residents last week and keeps residents on standby for another evacuation this week - sink holes opened streets and swallowed up cars throughout Southern California over the last few days. California’s infrastructure, which received a C grade on the State’s Infrastructure Report Card in 2012 - is in need of major investments. OCBC is working closely with partners, such as the Fix Our Roads Coalition and water agencies to advocate for the passage of  transportation funding bills AB-1 and SB-1; as well as water projects such as the California Water Fix, which will upgrade aging levees and safeguard the Delta water delivery system from natural events, including potential flooding. OCBC contends that the time to invest in our communities is not after a crisis, but instead tax dollars should ward off a crisis in the first place. Join OCBC by contacting your legislators to advocate for these infrastructure investments.

Orange County is still heavily reliant on imported water, leaving the region vulnerable in the event of a compromised system. Diversifying the storage and delivery of this critical resource through solutions such as the CA Water Fix, which also provides additional tunnels and new intakes, in addition to reinforcing failing levees from earthquakes and flooding, will give protection to Orange County against water supply disruption. To join OCBC’s advocacy efforts and for more information, contact Bryan Starr, Sr. Vice President, Government Affairs.

Posted on January 24, 2017

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