October 2010 Presentation

On October 20, the Workforce Development Committee was pleased to welcome OCBC member, Time Warner Cable as our monthly guest speaker.  Mr. John Borack of TWC presented its latest education initiative, “Connect a Million Minds”.  You can read about it here:  http://www.connectamillionminds.com.

This $100 million initiative, including grants and in-kind, is an investment in the community to produce and pursue S.T.E.M related programs for middle school students.

Mr. Borack pointed out that the baby boomers will soon be retiring and deplete the workforce by 50%.  As technology advances at a highly accelerated rate, 80% of the engineering jobs created within Time Warner Cable will require enhanced math and science skills.  Given that 12th graders in the United States are ranked 21st in the world in math and science led Time Warner Cable to become more involved in education.

Time Warner Cable is proud to have over 47,000 of their employees, nation-wide, volunteer at various community and education events and they continue to seek out new projects and programs to become involved with that will advance our future workforce into highly skilled and well paid jobs.

Time Warner Cable Inc. works to connect the public and business with information and entertainment and each other.  They bring the latest innovations for your home – from high-definition television to Enhanced TV features to high-speed data and Digital Phone services. They believe in the power of community, which they show through their signature education programs, countless hours of volunteerism and by contributing cash and in-kind support to benefit the communities where we operate.

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