2016 OCBC Endorsed Candidates

U.S. Senate:

Loretta Sanchez: Loretta Sanchez  has served as member of congress representing Orange County since 1997. During her service she has been successful in bringing back funding for several critical transportation and water infrastructure projects.  She has been a voice of reason on many important business issues and lists herself as a “Blue Dog” Democrat meaning a fiscally conservative member of Congress.  She is running against Attorney General Kamala Harris to replace Senator Barbara Boxer.

U.S. House of Representatives:

Lou Correa for U.S. Congress District 46: Correa is a former Orange County Supervisor and California State Senator. During his service to Orange County, Correa demonstrated strong pro-business values and consistently held the line on bad legislation. He is known as a pro-business democrat and has been supported by OCBC for more than a decade.

California State Senate:

John Moorlach for California State Senate District 37: Moorlach has been a strong voice in the legislature of fiscal responsibility for California since his election last year. His training as a CPA/CFP gives him the ability to communicate effectively on issues vital to business and the state’s economic success. Since being elected to the Senate in a March 2015 Special Election, Senator Moorlach has quickly earned a reputation in Sacramento of being a budget watchdog and fiscal expert.

California State Assembly:

Bill Brough for California State Assembly District 73: Brough currently represents the 73rd District, seeking reelection. He has been a solid vote against efforts to erode Prop 13 and recently carried legislation to assist MemorialCare with its efforts to ensure public health in South Orange County.

Local Races:

Aliso Viejo City Council

Mike Munzing is currently Mayor of Aliso Viejo running for reelection. He is a supporter of OCBC’s four core initiatives and a solid business-friendly voting record, particularly on regional environmental issues.

Ross Chun is currently an Aliso Viejo council member running for reelection. He is also is a board member on the San Joaquin Transportation Corridor Agencies and supports OCBC’s transportation advocacy efforts.

Anaheim City Council:

Steve Faessel is a Continuing Education Instructor for the North OC Community College District; Faessel has served Anaheim as a member of the Anaheim Public Utility Board, General Plan Advisory Committee, Anaheim Planning Commission, Budget, Investment and Technology Commission and now as Director for the Metropolitan Water District (MWD).  Steve is supported by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and Save Our Anaheim Resort.

Jordan Brandman, current Anaheim City Council member seeks reelection in 2016 to the Anaheim City Council, and has been a strong supporter of the county’s economic development. He supported the Convention Center expansion, Disneyland’s expansion, and hotel development incentive for the resort area. As the Anaheim representative with Orange County Water District, Brandman has also been instrumental in finding local groundwater cleanup alternatives to the North Basin “Superfund” designation.

Lucille Kring, current Mayor Pro Tem for Anaheim, has been endorsed by the OCBC Board of Directors in several previous election cycles, having proved to be very strong on business issues over the years. She is part of the business friendly majority in Anaheim.

Steve Lodge returns to the secure a seat on Anaheim’s city council after an unsuccessful bid in 2014. OCBC previously endorsed Lodge, and continues to do so as he is well-versed in OC’s business and economic climate.

Costa Mesa City Council:

Allan Mansoor is a former mayor of Costa Mesa and a former State Assemblymember. He has a long track record of pro-development and pro-business votes.

Steve Mensinger is currently Mayor of Costa Mesa running for reelection, and has a solid business-friendly voting record.

Fullerton City Council:

Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald is currently the mayor of the City of Fullerton, seeking reelection in 2016. Fitzgerald is a strong advocate for business. This is evidenced by her recent leadership on approving the West Coyote Hills development, a project that balances the need for new housing with protecting open space in the city; as well as, her efforts to reach a local remedy for the “North Basin” groundwater cleanup.

Garden Grove City Council:

Steve Jones was appointed as a City Council member in April 2007, and elected in November 2008. Prior to joining the City Council, he served as a Garden Grove Planning Commissioner from 1999 to 2007, serving as Chair for three terms, and Vice Chair for two.  Steve currently serves as a Director on OCTA and has been a supporter of OCBC initiatives regarding mobility on key highway projects including the I-405 and SR-55.  He has also been an active member of the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years.

Huntington Beach City Council:

Patrick Brenden, current Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner, seeks election to the city’s city council as a strong advocate for housing. Huntington Beach is facing a critical shortage of housing, and with a rapidly growing workforce will to address the issue in order to continue developing as a vibrant community.

Joe Carchio previously served as a Huntington Beach council member, his term expired in 2012. He is endorsed by the HB Chamber of Commerce.

Irvine City Council:

Don Wagner has represented Irvine in the State Assembly since 2010.  He is a strong fiscal conservative and supporter of the business community.  Don won OCBC’s Legislator of the Year Award in 2014.  Don is running to replace Steven Choi who will be advancing to replace Don’s seat in the Assembly.

Christina Shea has served as a city council member and mayor in Irvine on and off since 1992.  She has always been a strong voice for the business community and has helped the city grow successfully for the last three decades.  Christina is an incumbent.

Lake Forest City Council:

Dwight Robinson was elected to serve the Lake Forest City Council in 2012. He is a Charter Member of the Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce.  In 2015 Dwight was elected by a majority of Orange County mayors to represent Orange County cities on the South Coast Air Quality Management District.  Dwight owns and operates a few businesses in California and also serves as the Managing Partner of a small business located in Lake Forest.

Tustin City Council:

Allan Bernstein, current Tustin Mayor Pro Tem, is a strong friend of the business community, voting to advance business issues in Tustin during his term of office and is supported by the OC Jobs Coalition.

Chuck Puckett has been a strong business vote in Tustin, is also supported by OC Jobs Coalition, and is part of a business friendly majority on the Tustin City Council.

Westminster City Council:

Dr. Kimberly Ho is a successful business women in Westminster and has served as a planning commissioner in the city. She has a track record of business-friendly votes and joins OCBC’s opposition of Westminster’s local sales tax measure.

Yorba Linda City Council:

Tara Campbell is a key staff member for Assembly Member Ling Ling Chang in North Orange County. Tara serves as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner in Yorba Linda.  Ms. Campbell is a fiscal conservative that is supported by the business friendly majority on the council including OCBC endorsed candidates Gene Hernandez and Craig Young.

Gene Hernandez, current Yorba Linda City Council member, is the current Mayor of Yorba Linda and has been a strong advocate for business and housing in the community.

Craig Young, current Yorba Linda City Council member,  is a strong proponent of housing in a notoriously anti-housing city. He is also a transportation leader as Chairman of the TCA Board of Directors.

Irvine Ranch Water District

Mary Aileen Mathesis has been an advocate for business since her initial appointment to the IRWD board in 1988.

John Withers has been supported by OCBC since his appointment to the IRWD board since 1989.

South OC Community College District

Tim Jemal is running for reelection for Trustee and is supported by OCBC for his dedicated to preparing OC’s students with the skills for tomorrow’s workforce.

Future endorsements are anticipated.

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