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Indicator Newsletter for July 25, 2017

Breaking news: OC Board of Supervisors delays vote that could change CalOptima Board; e-Commerce means new paradigm for shoppers, retailers, developer and government; OCBC games plans next steps on North OC Groundwater Basin; OCBC in the news: Check out these recently published article from Lucy Dunn; and much, much more! CLICK HERE to read the …

A model for lifting earnings in a high-cost county

The report concluded there are two ways to mitigate the challenges of high housing prices: “bring earnings up or bring costs down.” Let’s steer away from the cost side for now where reform is needed in everything from state environmental burdens, to federal regulation on lending, to the prerogatives of free markets. That leaves the …

It’s time to add ‘teeth’ to CA’s housing element law

The LA Times recently published a couple of stories on June 29 and July 11 about the continuing housing crises and the supposed failure of California’s housing element law to avert that crises.  Simply stated, California’s housing element law requires that every city and county plan for its own population and jobs growth. Hard to argue with that concept, …

Dunn and Done: Good intentions but bad outcome in Assembly Bill 1701

Housing affordability is arguably the most pressing issue California families face today. Unnecessarily increasing costs make that opportunity even more elusive. According to the nonpartisan Legislative Analysts’ Office, the poorest 25 percent of the state’s income earners report spending an astounding 67 percent on housing costs. LAO made it explicit in two reports that the …

Letters: Cap-and-trade concerns

Orange County Business Council has serious concerns over California’s renewal of the cap-and-trade program. While the revenues from this program are supposed to be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in support of world-leading climate goals, past distribution of funds generated by the program has been inequitable, leading to a growing disparity between Southern Californian …

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