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Orange County Business Council highlights a member’s efforts to “go green.” If you know of a company that should be featured, please email Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

Walmart believes that being an efficient and profitable business and being a good steward of the environment are ideas that can work together. In 2011 Walmart established a list of simple, but ambitious goals that include operating 100% on renewable energy sources, creating zero waste, and selling products that not only sustain their customers, but also the environment.

Operating 100% on renewable energy sources is a lofty goal, but Walmart believes that by taking consistent steps forward they will one day make this a reality. In 2011 Walmart built 35 solar projects in Arizona, California and Puerto Rico.

They also installed seven fuel cell projects in California and completed two innovative microturbine wind projects on the parking lot light poles at two of their locations in California and Massachusetts. Walmart is currently in the second year of a four-year agreement to purchase clean energy from wind farms in Notrees, Texas. This agreement supplies 15 percent of the energy needed in 350 of their Texas locations reducing their carbon emissions by 139,000 metric tons per year. This is the equivalent of taking 25,000 cars off the road or eliminating the CO2 produced by 18,000 homes annually. With the addition of LED lighting to their remolded stores, Walmart has also been able to save almost 50% of the energy used by the previous light bulbs. Walmart is continually looking for new avenues to expand their green effort and preserve the environment proving that their pursuit of operating 100% on renewable energy with zero waste is a sincere and obtainable goal.

For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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