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September 20, 2016 Indicator

OCBC’s legislator of the year is Senator Bob Huff; Make your vote count! OCBC endorses these candidates for Nov. 8 election; State Controller Betty Yee: Income tax may boost CA economy, but not unreliable; OCBC joins business, community leaders urging legislators to address CA transportation; Voters face a tough Nov. Ballot, but Bryan Starr will walk you through it – Sept. 23; nd much, much more!

September 6, 2016 Indicator

Coastal Commission should approve Banning Ranch: habitat preservation plus homes; Demand OCWD livestream public meetings: sign the petition today; Pro or beginnger, OCBC’s Executive Invitational Golf Tournament needs you! Sept. 20; Allergan leads by example, pledges to “price responsibly”; Inaction collapses gov. Brown’s “by-right” housing legislation; OCBC bids farewell to Larry Brose!; SCE, ADG&E rush battery projects to keep the lights on in SoCall; and much more!

August 23, 2016 Indicator

Make your vote count! OCBC weighs in on November ballot measures; Here it is: Employers’ guidelines for political communications to employees; OCMoves Update: OCBC presses lawmakers to get moving on transportation funding deal; Congrats to county on completion of La Pata Road Extension; Does OC have a racial divide? Business roundtable works toward a deeper understanding; Lucy Dunn moderates Newport Beach City Council Meeting; and much, much more!

August 9, 2016 Indicator

7% of US economy actively engages in ‘sharing’ – OCBC’s forum on innovating businesses; Fre trade in danger of presidential grandstanding on both sides; CA Housing Director Ben Metcalf and ‘By-Right’ housing proposal roundtable; OCBC welcomes Assembly Member Miguel Santiago, CA-53; OCBC testifies in support of CA Water Fix; 14,000 SoCal homes – and homeless shelter – stopped by CEQA; Now accepting nominations for Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet; and much, much more!

July 26, 2016 Indicator

 OCBC endorses these candidates for office; make your vote count!; Take a closer look at sharing economy: Mobility, shared space and drones! – Aug. 4; Congrats on OCTA, Caltrans plan: Traffic relief coming to SR-55! OC’s 2016 infrastructure report card grade: C+; OCBC, JPMorgan Chase release report ‘Closing Orange County’s Skills Gap”; President Obama signs crucial bill allowing transfer of ONT Airport from LA; Anaheim paves the way for new hotels, generate millions for general fund; and much, much more!

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