IT Cluster Competitiveness Project

The IT Cluster Competitiveness Project is the result of a Workforce Innovation Fund grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor to the County of Orange.  The Project is designed to create a strategic approach to meeting the IT needs of Orange County businesses, while also supporting the county’s economic and workforce development.

OCBC served as the lead entity in engaging key stakeholders from both the Orange County business and education/workforce training communities with the goal of creating a dialogue and planning process designed to address the historically insufficient and less than fully effective communication between businesses and education and training providers within the context of IT workforce development planning and service delivery.

The Business Stakeholder Group is comprised of 30 employers and is designed to include companies who represent both vertical IT clusters and horizontal IT clusters. Employers in the vertical IT clusters represent traditional IT industries such as consumer electronics, gaming and website development.  Those in the horizontal clusters represent key industries which have a significant IT operational component such as life sciences, engineering and finance.

The Education Stakeholders Group is comprised of 30 education and workforce training providers representing the K-12 system, adult education, regional occupational programs, private post-secondary training agencies, community colleges, and public and private universities.

The result of this process was an IT Roadmap composed of five pilot projects identified by the Orange County business community as necessary for meeting the current needs and projected growth of IT needs:

  • Pilot Project 1 – Development of New Courses / Programs / Curricula
  • Pilot Project 2 – Retrofitting Existing IT Curricula
  • Pilot Project 3 – IT Pipeline Initiative
  • Pilot Project 4 – Bridge the Digital Divide Initiative
  • Pilot Project 5 – Allied IT Business Support Toolkit

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