2016 Business Retention and Expansion Nominees

2016 Business Retention and Expansion Nominees

City of Anaheim:  Citywide Sanitary Sewer Improvement Program

Anaheim implemented a comprehensive program to increase the capacity of the City’s sanitary sewer system in order to attract and accommodate incoming businesses and real estate development.  The city completed nearly 75% of the work with less than the 50% of the funds required.

City of Buena Park: Beach Boulevard Entertainment District Revitalization

The City of Buena Park hosts several entertainment venues along one major arterial, Beach Boulevard.  The City’s goal with the revitalization of the Entertainment District was to attract quality entertainment venues, hotel, and restaurants to the area while creating synergy for the existing businesses and attractions. The City wanted to showcase Beach Boulevard as a family friendly, fun environment that is a destination for tourists and residents alike.

County of Orange: County Services Mobile

County Services Mobile – myOCgov application was created to give greater visibility to County of Orange services, and specifically services which are close to their location. It enables users to locate County services near them, or in a specific city. MyOCgov features “yelplike” geolocation, enabling the resident to find services near them, browse all services, find contact info, parking information, hours of operation and more.

City of Huntington Beach: Film App

In order to enhance filming opportunities within the City, the City of Huntington Beach worked with Apply4 Technologies, Visit Huntington Beach, and location scouts to develop and implement FilmApp Huntington Beach. FilmApp Huntington Beach is an integrated online filmpermitting processing system that allows the City to process film permits 24/7. The process allows for less staff intensive processing of film permits and a higher level of service to applicants

City of Lake Forest: Expedite Business Assistance Program

Expedited Business Assistance Program is designed to streamline the process of locating or expanding to Lake Forest through time and cost saving solutions, coordinated meetings between interdepartmental City staff and a company’s project team, and innovative software tools that provide project status in real time.  It has facilitated business growth, retention and expansion in the City of Lake Forest.

OC Public Works:  Permit Streamlining

The Streamlining Project involved streamlining the County permit process to improve service and reduce costs for property owners, developers, contractors, and utility companies. It creates a template for evaluating other permit processes which may also lend themselves to similar efforts. Transparent and user friendly permitting processes are essential to business retention and attraction.

OC Waste: Collaborative Waste Disposal Agreements

The project is a negotiated amendment to the Waste Disposal Agreements (WDA) that led to a continuation of waste importation as a key revenue source for the County’s landfill system and to ensure stable, long term waste disposal rates for landfill customers, including the residents and businesses of the County of Orange. It also provided for revenue sharing with cities and enabled ongoing repayment of the County’s bankruptcy debt.

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