Orange County Business Council’s Research Department is led by Dr. Wallace Walrod, who serves as OCBC’s Chief Economic Advisor. Dr. Walrod has led strategic projects with many prominent organizations. His work includes designing innovative programs, strategies, and policy solutions for private industries, government, and private foundations, including the Orange County Community Indicators and Workforce Assessment projects. Dr. Walrod is also the Founding President of the Center for a New California, which plays a key role in shaping Orange County’s economic future.

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2015 Workforce Housing Scorecard

This report examines key current workforce housing trends to provide a preview of where the county is headed in terms of workforce housing, and how it will impact demographic, economic and business competitiveness factors.

Orange County Community Indicators Report

This report explores the factors that contribute to sustaining Orange County vitality: a healthy economy, education and technology capacity, social and civic engagement, high quality of life, public safety, and environmental well-being.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Issue Brief

This report, written and published by the nonprofit organization Fueling California: Consumer Alliance for Responsible Fuel Policies, presents an analysis of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard mandate, and is a resource for policymakers, elected officials, business leaders, and the general public.

Economic Consequences of Software Piracy on California

Protect California Jobs & Innovation and OCBC report that finds California workers lost $1.1 billion in wages and nearly 20,000 jobs; and California lost $1.6 billion in economic activity and $700 million in tax revenue in 2011.

Workforce Housing Toolkit
Workforce Housing Toolkit

The Housing Toolkit Website presents information on the latest housing developments, programs and strategies that impact the availability and affordability of workforce housing.

Workforce Indicators Report

The 2016-2017 Orange County Workforce Indicators Report examines the growth of industry and employment, salary and wage trends, demographic changes and the educational attainment of Orange County students.

New Skills at Work: Closing OC’s Skills Gap

An in-depth study highlighting the specific areas Orange County should focus on to close a persistent workforce skills gap, encourage growth in STEM-based industries, and remain an economic hub for the Southern California region.  CLICK HERE for a one-page infographic.

The State of Orange County’s Infrastructure

This report from OCBC, UC Irvine and the American Society of Civil Engineers, focuses on identifying trends to inform the public and policy makers, and help establish community expectations related to infrastructure.

Orange County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The CEDS presents economic and social indicators used to create targeted goals and objectives for the county to collaborate with Orange County municipalities.

Fueling California Report – 2010-2030

This report provides an overview of the current status and trends with respect to alternative transportation fuels and vehicle technologies, focusing on California.

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