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The Housing Resources Center and Toolkit is a guide for public officials and policy makers, the business community, and the public residing in Orange County. Found within are strategies and programs that provide the tools we, as residents and stewards of Orange County, can use to establish policies for making workforce housing available and affordable for the long-term.


The Housing Toolkit Website presents information on the latest housing developments, programs and strategies that impact the availability and affordability of workforce housing. These tools and case studies may be found locally in Orange County as well as throughout the state of California.

These tools serve to educate residents, policy officials, and employers about methods that are available to either increase the provision of housing within the County or positively affect the affordability of home buying. In addition, the toolkit may be used by those residing outside of Orange County in order to demonstrate the ongoing efforts conducted locally as well as to display OCBC’s commitment to workforce housing.

This toolkit will serve as a guide for public officials and policy makers, the business community, and the public residing in Orange County and the southern California region. Found within are case studies, new and traditional strategies, programs, and information, providing the necessary perspective for how all interested parties can work to ensure the availability of workforce housing. The Orange County Business Council believes that a focus on housing provision involving citizens, employers, and public officials will foster a healthy and viable economy, community, and civic experience for residents and business alike.

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