2012 Nominees: Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet


Business Retention and Expansion

Orange County Registrar of Voters: Corporate Sponsorship Program
The Orange County Registrar of Voters has developed a unique Corporate Sponsorship Program to offer local businesses positive media coverage, a tool for community involvement and secure poll workers to provide Election Day coverage at no expense to taxpayers.

Orange County Health Care Agency Environmental Health: Food Vehicle Inspections at the Orange County Fair
The Orange County Heath Care Agency created food safety and inspection tools with the intention of expediting the inspection and permit process in order to allow food vendors to open on time and remain open for the duration of the OC Fair.
OC Public Works/Operations & Maintenance: Job Order Contracting in Operations and Maintenance
OC Public Works is now utilizing Job Order Contracting (JOC), a competitive bid, fixed price, indefinite quality public works contract. The contract expedites the completion of required maintenance and repair projects involving buildings, County roads, flood control facilities, and enhances the safety and well-being of the public.

 Orange County Health Care Agency Environmental Health: Waste Tire Program
OC Health Care Agency viewed the Waste Tire Grant as an opportunity to assist approximately 12,400 Orange County tire businesses in complying with the waste tire storage and disposal requirements by providing them with outreach and educational resources, while also protecting public health through the elimination of toxic areas associated with improperly stored tires.

City of Los Alamitos: Business and Residential Improvement Program
The City of Los Alamitos has developed the Business and Residential Improvement Program to reinvest in the local economy, incentivize, promote property improvements, and reduce cost of construction. The program reimburses residents who “buy” local when upgrading their property, which increases tax revenues for the city.
City of Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau, Laguna Beach Arts Commission, and Laguna Beach Arts Alliance: The Arts as an Economic Engine
The City of Laguna Beach developed, The Arts as an Economic Engine, to utilize the arts as a primary strategy to attract bed tax and sales tax revenues and to create jobs in the City of Laguna Beach.
City of Mission Viejo: Improve Don’t Move and Commercial Building Fee Reduction Programs
The City of Mission Viejo developed the Improve Don’t Move and Commercial Building Fee Reduction Programs to save taxpayers money, encourage residential and commercial building improvements and stimulate the local economy through building activity.

City of Anaheim: Anaheim Regulatory Relief Task Force
The City of Anaheim has developed the Anaheim Regulatory Relief Task Force to increase economic freedom and prosperity by reducing regulations at the local level and expand opportunities for free enterprise to thrive and grow in Anaheim.

City of La Habra: CVS Pharmacy
The City of La Habra’s CVS Pharmacy project is designed to retain and grow the existing business within the City of La Habra, generating more jobs for the community and enhancing a major gateway into the city.

City of Laguna Niguel: Administrative Process for Cell Sites in the Public Right-of-Way
The City of Laguna Niguel has developed and implemented an Administrative Process for Cell Sites in the Public Right-of-Way, which creates a process to implement wireless coverage in residential and other hard to reach areas. The creation of cell sites generates a new long term revenue source for the City and improves system capacity and reliability.

Responding to Globalization

John Wayne Airport: Air Service Development Program
The John Wayne Airport Air Service Development Program was created to identify, pursue, and obtain additional air service to support Orange County business and leisure travel needs. The program aims to bring new international non-stop service to Orange County and maximize utilization of John Wayne Airport to boost the local economy.

Sustainable and Green Development

Orange County Sheriff’s Department: “Go Green”
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s largest correctional site, Theo Lacy, has “gone green” and is now recycling cotton, polystyrene, paper, plastic, metal, glass and cardboard in order to achieve 75 percent waste diversion.

OC Dana Point Harbor: Water Quality Enhancement-Skimmer Program
OC Dana Point Harbor utilized grant funding to implement the Skimmer Program, which collects floating trash and removes oil sheen from the water’s surface, making the harbor cleaner and more enjoyable for visitors.
Orange County Great Park: Orange County Great Park Agricultural Operations
Orange County Great Park Agricultural Operations was developed to target and create relationships between economic development and environmental sustainability through educational opportunities for the public to demonstrate new approaches to health, wellness and agriculture.

City of Huntington Beach: Sustainable Surf City
The City of Huntington Beach developed the Sustainable Surf City program in an effort to eliminate energy waste and utilize cost-effective on-site renewable energy. The program is designed to protect the quality of life through sustainable development while improving the bottom line performance of the business community and city’s operations.

Irvine Ranch Water District: Energy and Green House Gas Master Plan
The Irvine Ranch Water District developed the Energy and Green House Gas Master Plan to improve, optimize and reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through cost-effective projects.

City of Newport Beach: Tidelands Management Effort
The City of Newport Beach developed the Tidelands Management Effort to improve navigability in the harbor, as well as to remove legacy, contaminated sediments from the Rhine Channel and Lower Bay in an environmentally friendly manner.

Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse

OC Dana Point Harbor: Harbor Reuse & Revitalization of Existing Unused Real Estate Asset
OC Dana Point Harbor redeveloped and reused the roof of an existing, unused guest dock building and saved a profitable business that would have otherwise relocated out of Orange County, as well as benefited financially.

City of Laguna Hills: Moulton-La Paz Commercial/Open Space Redevelopment Project
The City of Laguna Hills developed the Moulton-La Paz Commercial/Open Space Redevelopment Program to redevelop and expand the Moulton-La Paz Commercial Center, renovate the remaining unimproved open space acres, and sell the property at fair market value.
City of Rancho Santa Margarita: RSM’s Red Carpet-“Animal Style”
The City of Rancho Santa Margarita developed the RSM’s Red Carpet-“Animal Style” project to attract a new commercial tenant, In-N-Out Burger, to the City in an effort to increase jobs and restaurant options for the community.

City of Anaheim: Anaheim Packing District
The City of Anaheim has developed the Anaheim Parking District project in partnership with the Lab, LLC, to create a food-based themed campus. This initiative encompasses three components- Farmer’s Park featuring cafes, Farmer’s Market anchored by the Packing House, and former Packard dealership buildings featuring historic preservation and re-use of the two buildings.


OC Public Works/OC Facilities and Real Estate Services/Renewable Initiatives Program: OC Solar: A Public-Private Partnership
Through its solar purchase agreement with PsomasFMG, OC Public Works’ goal is to avoid $4.4 million in electricity costs over the next 20 years. To achieve this goal, five solar system sites were created, which created jobs all while saving taxpayers money.

OC Community Resources, OC Public Libraries: Laguna Niguel Interim Library
OC Community Resources partnered with a volunteer group to fund an interim branch library where staff can continue to provide seamless service to patrons throughout the construction process of the Laguna Niguel Branch Library, which closed in 2010.

County of Orange- OC Waste and Recycling: EcoChallenge Exhibit at the Discovery Science Center
OC Waste and Recycling partnered with the Discovery Science Center to create EcoChallenge, which is an interactive environmental exhibit that combines elements of OC Waste & Recycling’s mission to protect the environment and promote recycling with DSC’s ability to merge learning with fun.

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA): Breaking Down Barriers
Partnering with more than 30 organizations, OCTA launched the Breaking Down Barriers initiative to bring together local and national leaders in the transportation industry to identify opportunities for expanding transportation projects to create jobs.

OC Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO): Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Interactive Map
OC LAFCO has developed the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Interactive Map, a web-based tool to feature alternative ways to provide municipal services in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The opportunity for public and private agencies to work productively on infrastructure improvements is provided through the CIP Map.


OC Community Resources, OC Community Services: Recognition of Karen Roper, Leadership Award for Public Service
Karen Roper, Director of OC Community Services for the County of Orange, has a long history of advocating for programs and projects that serve vulnerable populations in an effort to increase self-sufficiency and career development.

City of Irvine: Irvine City Council
The Irvine City Council is committed to leadership in public service through the implementation of a number of innovative programs and services that benefit not only the City of Irvine, but also advance quality of life throughout all of Orange County. It has been a consistent advocate for economic development and business growth, supporting a philosophy of flexibility, problem-solving, and responsiveness.

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