Robert Bein

Chairman Emeritus
RBF Consulting

Robert Bein is Chairman of the Board Emeritus of RBF Consulting (RBF) and has almost 50 years of professional engineering experience. Mr. Bein joined the firm as Chief Engineer and had responsible charge of all engineering work for both private sector and public agency clients. He became President of RBF in 1964 and Chief Executive Officer in 1991.   During his tenure, the firm experienced its most dramatic growth from 12 people in 1962 to 530 employees in 15 offices today.  RBF is recognized as one ofSouthern California’s top civil engineering, land planning and surveying organizations.  Mr. Bein is a United States Navy veteran and served in the hydrographic survey unit. He has also served on the engineering staff of the County of Los Angeles and The Irvine Company.

Mr. Bein was a Registered Civil Engineer in 13 states and he is a National Past President of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Mr. Bein is an active Board member of the Orange County Business Council, and the Southern California Water Committee.  He is a past State President of the Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors of California, and the past chairman of the Civil and Environmental Engineering advisory committee at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  He is one of the founders and a member the Civil Engineering and Environmental Affiliates at the University of California Irvine, and is a member of the honorary civil engineering fraternities of Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi, the President’s Advisory Board of Concordia University, as well as participating on the boards and committees of other engineering supportive organizations.    During Mr. Bein’s term as President of the National ASCE Board, an Infrastructure Report Card was issued for the entire nation.  Working with several of the County’s engineering and business organizations and many concerned professionals in the County, he helped create Orange County’s own Infrastructure Report Card which was first unveiled on October 10, 2002 at the Infrastructure Congress at UCI.

Mr. Bein continues to work to promote the civil engineering profession, starting with school programs that tell students what an engineer does, to the creation of jobs and projects to support our communities, to recognition of the heroes and leaders of the profession.