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Welcome to Orange County Business Council’s 2016 Annual Report — Getting Results, highlighting the accomplishments of 2015 and outlining an action plan for success in 2016.

Every year presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for the businesses of Orange County — 2015 was no exception. Last year marked a substantial period of growth for the region, with Orange County leading the pack. Job creation continued to rise, the housing market is seeing remarkable growth, schools and universities produce a highly-skilled
workforce, and the public and private sector worked together to the meet the needs of growing infrastructure demands. And under the 2015 theme, Secure the Future, engaged businesses on the importance of cybersecurity protections to the bottom line. Orange County Business Council proved again to be a catalyst in these efforts by providing a clear vision and bringing business, government and academia together to tackle the county’s most pressing issues.

Thanks to the exceptional leadership of 2015 Chair Laura DeSoto, OCBC and its investors achieved prosperity and established Orange County as economic powerhouse for Southern California. Looking forward to this year, OCBC and incoming Chair RJ Mayer of The Mayer Corporation will continue this progress by elevating the prowess of The Nation of California, and Orange County as the Pursuit of an Ideal Climate!

Lucy Dunn
President and CEO