Businesses know that time is money. The typical commuter feels the impact of congestion in the form of stress and wasted time. But for manufacturers and shippers, that wasted time has a direct bottom line impact. Efficiency suffers, prices go up, and employment weakens. In South Orange County the Toll Road system offers alternate routes to the I-5 freeway and allows traffic to flow freely, providing economic growth for the area.  However, in the southernmost portion of Orange County, there is no alternate route to the I-5.  Traffic congestion in this area is bad and gets worse every day. Interstate 5 is the only highway connecting Orange and San Diego counties. Twenty-four million people live in Southern California today. That number will be more than 30 million by the middle of the century, resulting in a 60 percent increase in traffic on I-5 in southern Orange County and making I-5 in this area just like the clogged 91 freeway.

This narrow bottleneck at the Orange/San Diego County line is the only option for commuters and goods movement between these two counties of three million residents each.  If the 241 were completed, we would at long last have an alternate route through this area and protect residents and businesses alike from traffic gridlock.

Thus far, 51 miles of the planned 67 mile Toll Road project has been completed and is used by millions of commuters. Now is the time to complete the last 16 miles of the planned project.

A recent economic analysis conducted by Beacon Economics showed that completing the 241 will generate $3.1 billion in economic output for the state and create 17,000 jobs, 13,800 of which would be in Orange County. Click here to read the report.

It’s time to cut the regulatory red tape that is preventing the 241 Toll Road completion from moving forward.  It’s very important that your organizations join OCBC by sending a letter to OC’s elected officials on each of these issues.  Click here for the letter, and please send a copy to your Assemblymember, State Senator, Congressional Member and Senators Feinstein and Boxer. For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President of Government Affairs.

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