Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee Welcomes Assemblymember Petrie-Norris

On April 5, OCBC’s Government Affairs Committee welcomed Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-74) to discuss Assembly Bill (AB) 65. AB 65 was authored by Petrie-Norris and supports coastal districts statewide by creating natural infrastructure, or natural ecological systems or processes, to mitigate rising sea levels resulting from climate change.

Petrie-Norris explained that AB 65 utilizes existing funds to support such projects, and that nature has been determined to be a better defense against rising sea levels than gray infrastructure.

Notably, the bill has no current opposition, instead enjoying support from environmental, business and community groups.

The Committee unanimously voted to support AB 65.

For more information, contact Alicia Berhow, OCBC Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs.

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