Auto Club Reviews Funding Methods to Improve Traffic

Transportation is an on-going issue for Orange County, with the typical commuter wasting approximately 61 hours and 27 gallons of fuel annually while stuck in traffic. That equates to an annual “congestion cost” of about $1300. Bad roads then increase that annual cost by hundreds of dollars in tire and vehicle repair, as well as other operating costs. Such findings prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to direct the secretary of the new California State Transportation Agency to convene a working group of key transportation stakeholders to review the state’s transportation needs and produce recommendations to the governor and legislature by the end of 2013 for possible action in 2014. The Auto Club is one of the key transportation stakeholders submitting recommendations and has conducted their own independent review on six different ways to pay for improved transportation.

These include increasing the Gas Tax, initiating more Tolling and “Road Pricing,” increasing the Vehicle License Fee (VLF) or Registration Fee, a sales tax specifically for transportation, infrastructure bonds – and finally – a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax (VMT). The VMT tax is based on the number of miles driven. If set at a high enough rate and regularly adjusted to meet fiscal needs and keep pace with inflation, the VMT tax would be a great investment in Orange County’s transportation future. CLICK HERE to read the Auto Club’s review. For more information, contact Bryan Starr, Sr. Vice President, Government Affairs.

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