BizFed OC Supports Water Bond and 241 Toll Road Completion

On December 2, BizFed OC – the premier alliance of Orange County business organizations – was honored to welcome Thomas Margro, Chief Executive Officer Transportation Corridor Agency to discuss the 241 completion, and Rich Atwater, Executive Director, Southern California Water Committee (SCWC), California Future Water Infrastructure. SCWC is working with California’s policy makers and business leaders to advocate for the November 2012 Water Bond and inform the public on the value of fixing the state’s depleted and aging water system. Currently, a significant portion of the state’s water, located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, could be wiped out for a year or longer if a major earthquake strikes Northern California. If such a quake occurs, Southern California’s water supply would be cut off within 36 hours and take up to three years to repair.

The state would face $40 billion in damages due to water contamination and shortage, including losses in water supplies, agricultural production, wages and jobs, and downed utilities. The bond will establish a reliable water system for California for the long-term and would potentially create over 100,000 jobs from start to finish.

Mr. Margro reported on TCA’s latest attempts to finish the 241 toll road. TCA is fervently working with Governor Brown’s office on detailing how the toll road is a cost effective and environmentally sound project.  The project would create 17,000 jobs in the region and would be a route that public safety advocates have been pursuing.  TCA will continue to work on educating the public and elected officials until the project is complete. For more information contact Alicia Berhow, Director of Workforce Development. CLICK HERE to send your letter of support.

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