Break Into The Rapidly Growing Digital Media Industry

The University of California, Irvine Extension is offering a new fall course titled, “Introduction to Digital Media & e-Publishing” from September 26 through December 5, 2011. The 10-week class will be taught in a hybrid format, alternating between online and in-classroom instruction. The course is targeted toward those with creative interests and will demonstrate practical applications of those interests in context of the real world. Course instructor, Scott Hays, an experienced publishing consultant and author, will increase course participants’ working knowledge of digital writing and e-publishing techniques and opportunities.

Participants will gain insight into how to create content, sell and market their content online and on other digital platforms. Using tools such as blogs, YouTube and other social media sites, participants will learn how to use storytelling as a way to engage with their audience and integrate multimedia elements into their work. Digital Media and e-Publishing will allow course participants to foster effective communication in digital and online environments by studying audience and examining how differently the media works.

Hays has more than 20 years of experience as a publishing consultant in the digital media space, involving a broad range of experiences in editorial, sales, advertising, marketing and conference development. He has personally launched more than a dozen newspapers, magazines, and websites, and spent years as a media consultant in the interactive media industry. Hays has also been a successful freelance writer for publications such as Men’s Health, The Los Angeles Times, Men’s Fitness, Ad Age and a variety of other trade and consumer publications, and he has written several non-fiction books for leading publishing companies.

To learn more about UC Irvine Extension’s fall course offerings, visit To register for the new course, call 949-824-6335 or email For more information contact Celeste Signorino, Vice President of Investor Relations and Business Development.

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