CA Dem Party Chairman John Burton Visits; Sandman Details Mobility Funding Needs

On Friday, OCBC’s Government Affairs Committee, chaired by Alice Bisno, Automobile Club of Southern California, and Lisa Haines, Disneyland Resort, welcomed John Burton, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, and Bert Sandman, Executive Director of Transportation California. Burton spoke at length about the challenging Sacramento work environment that makes it difficult to form consensus on issues regarding education, infrastructure and economic development. Burton also shared his favorable comments regarding the California Change in Term Limits Initiative, and the potentially negative effects of the Top-Two Primaries Act on the upcoming election. CLICK HERE to watch video of Burton’s remarks.

Mr. Sandman provided an overview of funding needs for California’s transportation infrastructure.  His group has introduced a bill to seek a fee on new vehicles to cover the billions of dollars needed to keep Californians mobile.

Though one of the state’s greatest assets, the transportation system faces $295 billion unfunded needs through 2021. Transportation California is pursuing a new source of transportation funding based on an increase to the VLF. They certainly expect opposition to their proposal, but they are bringing attention to an issue directly tied to California’s economic recovery and growth, the ability to move goods and people efficiently throughout the state. OCBC will review the legislation and provide additional information on all of the proposed ideas for transportation funding sources as available. For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs.

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