Dec 20 2016


Almost $4 million was allocated to Orange County Projects at the December CTC meeting held in Riverside on Wednesday, including two projects from the City of Santa Ana and one project from the City of Brea. The money is part of Active Transportation Program (ATP) funds for biking and walking improvements. Caltrans received about $1 million in State Highway Operation and Protection Program funds for a project in the City of Santa Ana at the northbound connector to westbound State Route 22. Improvements include grooving two lanes of roadway, improving drainage, and replacing guard railing to reduce the number and severity of collisions. On the policy side, CTC questioned Caltrans on their “interim guidance” review of pending local development projects. Caltrans proposes to comment more fully on upcoming local projects in order to reduce vehicle miles traveled, address multimodal opportunities instead of single vehicle use, and mitigate development impacts on transportation.  CTC encouraged Caltrans to open these guidelines up to public review and comment before implementing, especially in light of new environmental rules expected soon to meet climate change goals. For more information, contact Bryan Starr, Sr. Vice President, Government Affairs.

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