CCWG Looking For Hands-On Experience for 2-Year Nursing Students

Community college students pursuing careers in healthcare face unique challenges when seeking hands-on clinical experiences in already busy hospital and medical environments or under the guidance of nurses.

Laurie Sienkewicz, Deputy Sector Navigator of the Health Workforce Initiative detailed these challenges to the OCBC Community College Working Group on November 14, citing the need for more partnerships for schools with clinical placement requirements to enable future nurses to benefit from hands-on experience.

Sienkiewicz explained the importance of healthcare in Orange County, and the challenges that community college students and staff face when providing their students with hands-on clinical experience and under the guidance of nurses.

While trends are shifting away from 2-year Associate Degrees to 4-year Bachelors of Nursing Science degrees, Sienkiewicz highlighted the needs for soft skills in health care and the value that clinical hours for Associate Degree for Nursing students add to the hands-on experience of nursing students in both 2-year and 4-year nursing programs.

For more information, contact Chris Reese, Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development.

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