CEQA Abuses Cost Thousands of High-Wage Union Jobs

A newly-released economic analysis by John Husing, Ph.D., principal of the economic consulting firm Economics & Politics, Inc. found that thousands of prevailing wage union jobs are put at risk every year by meritless CEQA litigation. Husing evaluated a cross-section of recent CEQA litigation and the delays and increased costs caused by the litigation, recognizing the detrimental impact on the employees. The analysis found that for many otherwise environmentally sound projects, prevailing wage union construction jobs are those most heavily impacted by CEQA litigation. The study analyzed seven projects from all over the state. Projects analyzed ranged from major commuter rail efforts to massive affordable housing/transit oriented developments to smaller community projects.

For just these seven projects, the study found that on an annual basis:

  • 3,245 prevailing wage jobs were delayed or eliminated due to CEQA litigation,
  • $326.1 million in annual wages and benefits for union workers were put at risk.

This analysis represents only a small fraction of the projects delayed every year by CEQA litigation. There are literally hundreds of CEQA lawsuits filed each and every year. Thousands of prevailing wage union jobs are lost or delayed by CEQA every year, as well as billions in lost wages and benefits for union workers. CLICK HERE to read the report. For more information, Bryan Starr, Sr. Vice President, Government Affairs.

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