Commitment to Energy Efficiency Pays Off for John Wayne Airport

Environmental sustainability really can benefit your bottom line: Southern California Gas Company recently awarded John Wayne Airport $100,000 for their commitment to using natural gas in their newly unveiled Central Utility Plant.

Under Southern California Gas’ Commercial/Industrial Equipment Incentive Program, customers who implement natural gas-fired electric generation equipment can take advantage of lower-cost natural gas to produce their own power and receive up to 50 percent of the funds needed to purchase the equipment. Southern California Gas worked with John Wayne Airport early in the project’s development to ensure the electric generation component of the Central Utility Plant qualified to receive the incentive.

“We applaud SoCalGas’ commitment to energy efficiency,” said Alan L. Murphy, Airport Director. “We very much appreciate their support of John Wayne Airport’s efforts to build a facility that not only makes operational sense, but is financially and environmentally responsible.”

The Central Utility Plant uses waste heat recovery equipment associated with the natural gas engine generators to generate 1800 tons refrigeration capacity via absorption chillers which satisfies most of the Airport’s needs for chilled water year-round. The Central Utility Plant is also equipped with electric operated water chillers to help satisfy the Airport’s chilled water demand. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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