OCBC Heads to CA Economic Summit with Housing and Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

An efficient supply of housing affordable to the workforce remains a critical issue to Orange County’s economy and competitive advantage. During 2010 to 2013, Orange County’s estimated housing growth rate was 0.36 percent, far behind the population growth rate of 0.78 percent. Compounded with high median housing prices, 16.5 percent increase since 2012; there is a notable shortage of workforce housing supply, which is projected to continue without focus on new construction, according the recently released 2013 Orange County Workforce Indicators Report. To address this issue, OCBC members Dan Miller of Irvine Company; David Smith of DMB Pacific Ventures; Sharon Ellis of Habitat for Humanity, OC; Laura Archuleta of Jamboree Housing Corp.; and Lucy Dunn of OCBC comprise a Housing Action Team heading for the California Economic Summit in Los Angeles November 7-8, 2013. In addition, OCBC Board Member Chris Harrington of Toshiba serves as co-chair of the Advancing Manufacturing Action Team.

Various action teams will discuss, develop and advance policies, programs and legislation that will result in an increase in the supply, choices and affordability of housing for all Californians, which will be implemented through the Housing Action Plan. The primary goals of the Advancing Manufacturing Action Team are twofold: ensuring that manufacturing remains a viable, long-term component of California’s economy that creates jobs and opportunities for California residents and improving business competitiveness and job creation through greater connectivity to global markets. The strategy to achieve these goals is based on five pillars which include making California competitive for manufacturing, supporting innovation, strengthening skills, communities and supply chains, promoting exports, and increasing Direct Foreign Investment and in-sourcing. CLICK HERE for more information on the summit. For more information, contact Matt Petteruto, Vice President, Economic Development.

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