County of Orange Balances Budget with Inward Cuts

Orange County Budget Director, Frank Kim. Mr. Kim provided an overview of the County’s budget situation andrealignment at OCBC’s Government Affairs Committee Meeting last week.  Committee members were concerned about the loss of almost $50 million and its affect on delivery of services for county residents. Overall, the County has been able to handle the loss of revenue during the bad economy with “inward facing” cuts, meaning the public should experience little impact. By focusing efforts on hiring freezes and keeping a reasonable level of reserves during good economic times, Orange County has been able to “right size” with very few layoffs.

OCBC’s Government Affairs Committee also featured attorney Chuck Bell, general counsel of the California Republican Party, and an acknowledged expert on election law. Bell provided insight on the referendum and ballot initiative process. In particular, on the referendum to stay in the Senate redistricting lines, which is likely to qualify; and the effort to overturn the action to move all initiatives to the General Election, which is unlikely to qualify. 

Assembly Member Jeff Miller visited Orange County business council last week to meet with the Government Affairs Committee. Assembly Member Miller was asked to provide a recap of the legislative session and answer, “where do we go from here?” as we head into an election year featuring the Open Primary and a budget that is already askew.

Assembly Member Miller provided few answers as to how Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature might move forward to address concerns of the business community regarding economic and regulatory issues, which are dramatically affecting job creation in the State.  

“There seems to be no end in sight to the bickering and partisan fighting,” Assembly Member Miller said. “The hypocrisy that goes on in Sacramento is outrageous – you’ve got to hold them accountable.” For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President of Government Affairs.

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