Creating Jobs Certainty in an Uncertain Economy

California Chamber of Commerce recently released an updated version of its Renew California Economic Recovery caflagand Job Creation Plan, reiterating OCBC’s call to legislators to refocus efforts on job creation in the final weeks of this year’s session. The priorities outlined the plan include:

  • Do no more harm to the California economy by refusing to allow any more job killing legislation to become law;
  • Get rid of laws unique to California that place the state at a competitive disadvantage to other states;
  • Eliminate California-only employment laws leading to litigation exposure;
  • Create certainty for businesses by ensuring a fair and stable tax system; and
  • Secure a long-term commitment from elected officials that California will not increase the cost of doing business here.

According to Allan Zaremberg, president and chief executive officer of the CalChamber, there is much the Legislature can accomplish in the few working days left in this year’s session:

  • Refuse to pass any of the remaining CalChamber-identified job killer bills;
  • Refuse to pass any bill that adds a burden or creates uncertainty for employers;
  • Pass a measure to require state agencies to use high-quality, consistent economic analysis when developing new regulations;
  • Eliminate California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) litigation traps that have prevented job creating investments from coming to our state; and
  • Protect workers’ compensation reforms and preserving a balanced system that provides fair benefits at the lowest possible cost.

For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President of Government Affairs.

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