Election Update

At the first board meeting of 2012, OCBC’s Board of Directors voted on two ballot initiatives and endorsed Jordan Brandman for Anaheim City Council. Brandman has been a strong advocate of workforce development issues critical to the business community.

OCBC’s Board of Directors has reviewed the ballot measures for the June 2012 election and urges your vote as follows:

Proposition 28 – Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office — SUPPORT

This measure reduces the total number of years a state lawmaker can serve from 14 to 12, but allows service in the Assembly or Senate, or both, if re-elected. Applies only to legislators first elected after the measure is passed. This is seen as another electoral improvement effort intending to reduce the extreme partisanship that causes legislative gridlock, which is detrimental to a positive and successful business environment.

Proposition 29 – Tobacco Tax for Cancer Research Act  — OPPOSE

Although designed as a “user fee,” this measure goes well beyond a simple tax increase on tobacco products by establishing a new 9-member commission to administer the funds. At a time of severe state budget constraints, this measure represents the type of ballot box budgeting and government expansion long opposed by OCBC.

For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs.

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