[private][private][private][private][private]On November 7, 2006, Orange County voters approved the renewal of Measure M by almost 70%, surpassing the two-thirds voter approval threshold required to pass the measure. The renewal of Orange County’s half-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation will generate nearly $12 billion over 30 years, monies that will fund local transportation improvements that help preserve Orange County’s positive business climate.

Per former OCBC President, Stan Oftelie, the vote to renew Measure M is the biggest pro-transportation vote in Orange County since 1912 — when the Good Roads program received a 70.3% positive vote. The 1912 vote provided $1.27 million to pave 117 miles of dirt roads between the county’s towns and villages and really allowed the automobile age to begin in Orange County.

The renewal of Measure M was the top priority for the Business Council. To ensure its passage, the Orange County Business Council joined forces with the Committee to Renew Measure M, a privately funded campaign effort comprised of residents, business professionals and community activists.

Thanks to an intensive campaign led by OCBC Past Chairmen Tom Phelps of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips and Steve Lenzi of the Automobile Club of Southern California, voters in Orange County understood that we must continue to take care of ourselves rather than rely on Sacramento or Washington DC to solve our transportation problems. OCBC extends its deepest thanks and appreciation to all those who donated to the campaign and worked tirelessly toward its passage.

Prior to the election, OCBC conducted an independent examination of the first 15 years of the transportation investment program, “Measure M Assessment — 1990-2005.” OCTA took every one of OCBC’s findings and made sure renewing Measure M incorporated our recommendations for improvement.

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