If You’re Not Attending OCBC’s Committees, You’re Missing Out!

OCBC’s Action Committees provide members with a forum to learn, collaborate and take action on issues and initiatives important to Orange County. Join OCBC’s Action Committees and let your voice be heard! CLICK HERE to view all of OCBC’s committees.

Advocacy and Government Affairs – Discusses and takes action on public policy issues that have a direct impact on the business community. Meets monthly.

Workforce Development – Works to create a high quality workforce with particular emphasis on developing math and science skills needed by Orange County employers. Meets monthly.

Workforce Housing – Discusses and takes action on housing and other real estate development issues that have a direct impact on the business community and Orange County’s workforce. Meets bi-monthly.

Economic Development – Focuses on maximizing the standard of living of the county’s residents, providing economic opportunities for the county’s businesses, fostering a competitive environment and positioning the county as a highly competitive region for business opportunities. Meets bi-monthly.

Infrastructure – Advocates for an infrastructure system critical to meeting the growing needs of Orange County’s residents and businesses. Meets monthly.

Latino Educational Attainment – Works to fill the gaps left by education, to assist Latino parents on how to advocate for their children and to spark the importance of education in Latino neighborhoods. Meets monthly.

Community College Working Group – Reviews and identifies strategic priorities for the county’s workforce development system, identifies grant opportunities for funding, and develops regional responses to funding opportunities that meet strategic priorities. Meets bi-monthly.

For more information on getting active in OCBC’s committees, contact Leslie Dods, Events Manager, at 949.794.7241. OCBC’s Action Committees are open to OCBC members only.

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