Jobs Are Available, But Workforce Isn’t Qualified

On Wednesday, March 21, OCBC was pleased to help sponsor the 26th annual Huntington Beach Economic Development Conference. The theme for this year’s event was “Development, Destination and Jobs.” Featured on a panel was OCBC’s Chair of Workforce Development, Richard Porras of AT&T, who discussed the challenge of finding qualified new employees to fill the jobs open at AT&T. In order for Orange County to continue its economic growth, said Porras, the county needs less regulation and school districts need greater local control. If the state is going to continue to cut education funding, then schools should be allowed to dictate how to use the funds they do have.

Porras also talked about Latino Educational Attainment (LEA) and how parents must be a part of their children’s education. Empowering parents to actively participate in their child’s education decreases the Achievement Gap, and encourage students to pursue academic achievement and higher education aspirations. For more information about LEA, visit For more information contact Alicia Berhow, Director of Workforce and Community Development.

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