Jul 22 2019

Local Leaders Talk Defensibility and the Future of Work

On June 17, OCBC‘s Workforce Development Committee welcomed Amy Kaufman, President and Global Co-Chair of the VR/AR Association Orange County.

Ms. Kaufman addressed the Committee on society’s current place in the timeline of the industrial revolution, noting that we are currently in the fourth and final stage. This stage has been marked by an exponential growth of technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things.

However, alongside these strides come educational and workforce challenges, said OCBC’s Chief Economic Advisor, Dr. Walrod, who also addressed the Committee. Dr. Walrod reported that as digitization in the workforce grows, as many as 375 million people will have to learn and master new skills as their jobs evolve with the rise of automation.

Committee members presented several perspectives and suggestions on how to bridge the gap for the new generation headed into the workforce. Members discussed not only challenges, but the several successes they have had in integrating new technology into curriculum and workplace.

Finally, speaker Monica Bouldin of Metrolink introduced the organization’s Corporate Partner Program and College Student Awareness Campaign. The latter promotes the University Pilot Program designed to target train lines directly to college campuses and provide discounted memberships for college students.

For more information, contact Jesse Ben-Ron, OCBC Director of Workforce and Economic Development.

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