May 30 2017

Millennial About Town: Weeknights at the Observatory

“Millennial About Town!” chronicles the great entertainment, arts, and culture found right here in Orange County. Got suggestions for me? Send them to Patty Conover. 
The Observatory in Santa Ana is a goldmine for live music and DJs. If you’re into just about any kind of music made in the last 15 years, you’ve probably caught a show here already. “I know it’s a school night, but it only costs $5!” are frightfully convincing words for live-music aficionado on a budget and are what got me out of the house to see Brother Ali perform last Wednesday. I didn’t know much about his music before I ventured out on a weeknight. But at a $5 ticket price, what do I really have to lose other than a little sleep? I’ve gained more of my favorite artists by taking a chance on $5 Observatory shows in the last three years than I have from premium Pandora subscription, and that’s the truth! The Observatory gives you the chance to see great acts live, along with up-and-coming openers, from a huge range of genres at a low price. But be warned, this is a true concert venue where attendees wear Chuck Taylors and high-heels are smirked at. But if you’re looking for a laid back crowd and an inexpensive opportunity to boogie, I suggest checking it out. CLICK HERE to check out upcoming shows.  
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