Sep 19 2017

Millennial About Town: Adam Mullins checks out Grasslands Meat Market

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Being a lover of all things meat and fire, I was excited to check out the new Grasslands Meat Market at Anaheim Garden Walk. The Brazilian Churrasceria concept restaurant features high quality transparent BBQ and fusion cooking, with culinary cues from some of the finest ways to cook and acquire meats, and an in-house butcher shop and meat market — allowing you to purchase the same meats the restaurant cooks. The large, open interior of the restaurant is very inviting, with a large central bar serving lots of local craft beers, wine and cocktails.I got a peak at the large refrigerators stocked with fresh veggies, and noticed the comparatively small freezer space the restaurant had, owing to the freshness of meat and produce, as well as the line of smokers that slow cook the meats for up to 14 hours— a must with BBQ staples like brisket. We chose to sit on the patio to people watch and enjoy the cool night air, and sampled their in-house sodas before moving on to some local wine, at a great price. We split the Hangry Platter, which gives the option of three featured meats, salad and several sides such as yucca fries. Between the two of us, we sampled most of the meats on the menu. I had to try the Skirt Steak Churrasco with chimichurri sauce, char-grilled salmon and brisket. 

Brisket is the finicky staple of BBQ, a true testament to good smoke and slow cooking, and Grasslands’ did not disappoint. Tender enough to cut with a fork, and still quite juicy, not an easy task with this cut of meat, and paired perfectly with the spicy BBQ sauce.

The real highlight, however, was the skirt steak. One could tell that this was a true difference in what sets Grasslands apart as a Churrasceria with Brazilian roots. Many restaurants will shill a lower quality flap steak for the skirt, but in true Brazilian fashion, this was a thick, juicy Skirt steak, and would be added to my list of must tries.  The chimichurri sauce was the perfect complement. There were some true culinary delights and surprises as well; that delicious w thick cut BBQ bacon and fried pineapple, as well as the house BBQ sauces.

I love cooking, and especially love BBQ, therefore always curious as to what’s going on behind the scenes. The open kitchen is always a treat to see how the food is prepared, especially BBQ with so many intricate techniques and methods, and windowed fridges allowing you to tantalizingly gaze at your prospective meal. It’s also a welcome reassurance to see how cleanly everything operates.

This is a great meal with very generous portions to end a Disney day with, or start your Friday night with some great, interesting food before moving on down the Garden Walk for some local entertainment. Enjoy the BBQ and let someone else cook the brisket, and pick yourself up some of that delicious meat for a weekend BBQ. I personally can’t wait to chop up some of that delicious pork belly for some inspired tacos!

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