Jun 27 2017

Millennial About Town: Did Someone Say Bacon? Overindulge with Patty at St. Marc’s

“Millennial About Town!” chronicles the great entertainment, arts, and culture found right here in Orange County. Got suggestions for me? Send them to Patty Conover. 
If you haven’t made your way over to Pacific City in Huntington Beach yet, you’re missing out. Among the cluster of beachside shops and bars is Saint Marc Pub-Cafe, Bakery & Cheese – where I recently ate my weight in bacon and lost horribly at oversized beer pong. I blame my bacon-greased fingers. As if bacon by itself wasn’t hard enough to resist, Saint Marc’s offers variously seasoned bacon-by-the-slice treats, bacon bits on almost every salad and sandwich, and bacon wrapped appetizers, such as the delicious jalapeno poppers. The food is neither cheap, nor overly expensive with a salad, appetizer and drink costing me roughly $40 when all was said and done. A friend of mine stuck purely to sampling all the sliced bacon options, where six slices and a beer ran about $25. The pub is spacious with a nice patio area where, like most places in Pacific City, patrons can bring their leashed dogs and enjoy healthy amounts of people watching. If you’re coming in with a party of friends, you can rent out the “secret” back room space, with a door disguised as a bookshelf. I went on a Friday night, where it was somewhat full of restaurant-goers of all ages, until about 9 p.m., when it swiftly became packed with under-30s.  Saint Marc’s is just one little gem in Pacific City threatening my waistline – I’ll report back soon on some of the others!
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