New “Building a Modern CEQA” E-News Segment

Homelessness and housing are defining issues shaping California’s future. Those in the housing sector—developers, contractors and housing advocates—are all too familiar with abuses of the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA.

CEQA was enacted in 1970 and remains a landmark law intended to protect California’s environment by imposing strict regulations. However, CEQA has unintentionally empowered some groups to stall or block housing to further their own objectives.

Builders and housing advocates continue to grapple with the Legislature’s timidity when it comes to meaningful CEQA reform. In fact, in the twilight of Governor Brown’s final term, the Legislature directed several agencies to implement even harsher regulations that permit broader abuse of CEQA for aims unrelated to the environment.

OCBC is launching a recurring segment in the OCBC Indicator eNewsletter, “Building a Modern CEQA”, to explore the nuances of CEQA abuse. How is CEQA misused? Why does the Legislature choose to bolster CEQA abuse, rather than curtail it? What could California accomplish for its most vulnerable if CEQA was reformed?

This series will delve into the consequences of CEQA abuse and how different groups block projects desperately needed by California communities. The Legislature has not gotten the message; perhaps, if more people learned about the extent of CEQA abuses’ damage to communities statewide, Sacramento will finally build a modern CEQA.

Stay tuned for more! 

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