Nov. 4 Election Results, see how OCBC faired

Below are the results to races in which OCBC weighed in and endorsed candidates. Congratulations to all incoming and re-elected officials!

OCBC supported 27 candidates, of which 19 won for a 70% success rate!

OCBC supported 4 issues on the ballot, of which 2 were successful for a 50% success rate! 

CA Senate

  • District 34-JANET NGUYEN (Endorsed)
  • District 36-PATRICIA C. “PAT” BATES (Endorsed)

CA Assembly

  • District 68-DONALD P. (DON) WAGNER (Endorsed)
  • District 69-TOM DALY (Endorsed)
  • District 72-TRAVIS ALLEN (Endorsed)
  • District 73-WILLIAM (BILL) BROUGH (Endorsed)
  • District 74-MATTHEW HARPER

Orange County Board of Supervisors

  • District 2-MICHELLE STEEL (Endorsed)

Orange County Water District

  • District 5-STEVE SHELDON
  • District 7-SHAWN DEWANE (Endorsed)

Municipal Water District of Orange County

  • Sat Tamaribuchi – Division 5- (Endorsed)

Irvine Ranch Water District



  • KRISTINE MURRAY – City Council (Endorsed)
  • JAMES D. VANDERBILT – City Council


  • DOUG CHAFFEE- City Council
  • GREG SEBOURN – City Council

Huntington Beach

  • BILLY O’CONNELL – City Council (Endorsed)


  • STEVEN CHOI – Mayor (Endorsed)
  • JEFFREY LALLOWAY- City Council (Endorsed)

Lake Forest

  • Scott Voigts – City Council (Endorsed)

Mission Viejo

  • WENDY BUCKNUM – City Council- (Endorsed)
  • GREG RATHS  – City Council
  • ED SACHS- City Council

San Clemente

  •  LORI DONCHAK – City Council (Endorsed)


  • AL MURRAY – City Council- (Endorsed)

Rancho Santa Margarita

  • JERRY HOLLOWAY- City Council
  • BRAD MCGIRR – City Council
  • MIKE VAUGHN – City Council

State Propositions:

  • Proposition 1 – YES (Endorsed)
  • Proposition 2 –YES (Endorsed)
  • Proposition 45 – FAILED (Opposed)
  • Proposition 46 – FAILED (Opposed)

 County of Orange Measures:

  • Measure Y –  NO
  • Measure Z – NO

CLICK HERE for the Orange County Register’s comprehensive election coverage. For more information, contact Bryan Starr, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs at

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