Apr 04 2017

Oc Register Reluctantly Supports Sb 1 To Fix Roads, Bridges

From their editorial board on April 2, 2017: “Gov. Brown’s package of tax hikes to fund road repairs is tough medicine to take, but we might just have to take it, at least in part. We certainly can’t let California’s freeways, roads and bridges become even more run-down or unsafe. Something must be done, but it must be done in a prudent fashion. Brown and Democratic legislative leaders have proposed $5.2 billion a year in additional gas taxes and car fees to fix the state’s lackluster roads. Over the next decade, $15 billion would go to local road repairs, and the same amount to state highway repairs, plus $4 billion for bridge and culverts, $5.5 billion to improve trade corridors and major commuting corridors, and $7.5 billion to improve local public transportation.

The proposal would increase the base excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents per gallon, from 18 cents to 30 cents. A separate price-based excise tax on gasoline would rise from 11.8 cents to 17.23 cents and would be indexed to inflation to rise in future years. A new fee on vehicles would average $48 per year, based on the value of the car. Drivers of electric cars would pay an annual $100 fee. That’s a steep price for drivers and truckers. 

But, here’s the thing: It’s been 23 years since gas taxes were raised, and if the tax had been indexed to inflation, it would be higher now than the governor’s proposal will make it.” CLICK HERE to read more.

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