OC Superintendent of Schools Gives Sneak Peak

On January 11, the Workforce Development Committee was honored to welcome Bill Habermehl, Orange County Department of Education Superintendent; to discuss the state of the county’s education and the impending $73.5 million budget cut it’s facing from the County Board of Supervisors. Habermehl addressed the need for the community to “Rethink, Restore and Restructure” the education system, in order to bring it up to par with the rest of the nation and many parts of the world. “The rest of the world is kicking our butts,” Habermehl said.

Among resolutions to restore and restructure education, Habermehl previewed ideas he may present at his upcoming State of Education event, to be held February 23 at OCDE, including bold suggestions for investment and bold reforms to keep OC schools on top working with parents, educators and business.

In order to make progress in the state of education, Habermehl called on the committee and the business community as a whole to make educating Orange County’s future workforce a priority. This can be done by enhancing parent engagement, like the work done by OCBC’s Latino Educational Attainment committee. And also by getting involved and appointed to school boards.

“It’s not just a school problem,” Habermehl said. “It’s a community problem.”

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