OCBC and CHOC Talk Big Data and a Primed OC Workforce

Speakers Dr. Wallace Walrod, OCBC Chief Economic Advisor, and Adam Gold, Chief Technology Officer of the Children’s Hospital Orange County discussed the changing workforce at OCBC’s Workforce Development Committee Meeting on November 14, 2018.

Dr. Walrod presented key findings from OCBC’s 2019 Workforce Indicators Report, such as the impact of technological innovation and demographic changes in Orange County. With over 400 million jobs impacted by Artificial Intelligence in the near future, Orange County is uniquely positioned to attract middle skills technology jobs and would greatly benefit from developing talent pipelines from early childhood education.

Adam Gold, CHOC Chief Technology Officer, discussed how a stronger focus on healthcare technology coalescence should be emphasized when creating the talent pipeline. From biohacking and security to health informatics and systems monitoring, data has the potential to help hospitals make accurate decisions, inform the healing process and better serve its patients.

From Augmented Reality to machine learning, big data is everywhere and requires an able, ready and educated workforce primed for the overlapping needs of technology and healthcare.

For more information, contact Chris Reese, OCBC Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development.

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