OCBC Applauds Governor Brown’s Budget Proposal

IRVINE, CA—Orange County Business Council released the following statement today from President and CEO Lucy Dunn in response to Governor Jerry Brown’s budget proposal.

“Orange County Business Council appreciates Governor Brown’s leadership in his call to bring down the wall of debt that beleaguers California. The business community applauds his commitment to curtail the state’s spending and to put forth the difficult budget cuts that are necessary to place California back on stable financial footing. The Governor’s plan is a strong start.  Now it is up to the Legislature to institute the spending controls and budget reforms that will help to regain the public trust and ensure long-term fiscal discipline.”

“A solid strategy to economic recovery looks beyond simply cutting programs and raising taxes, and addresses the underlying structural problems that perennially plague the state. Balanced budgets and legislative reforms that incentivize growth of the state’s economic pie assure this state’s future prosperity.  Businesses need certainty, stability and predictability of their government systems and its financial house in order to coax them to spend, invest, grow and hire; it is now up to the Legislature to complete the task of approving a balanced budget as well as implement the reforms that will restore California’s economic health.”

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