May 30 2017

OCBC Challenges Report Saying SoCal Can Make it Another Summer Without Aliso Canyon

OCBC weighed in Monday at the California Energy Commission workshop in Diamond Bar to evaluate Southern California’s energy reliability, advocating for the reopening of the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility. Currently, the state has a moratorium on injections and withdrawals of gas at Aliso Canyon following a gas leak in 2015. However, Southern California Gas Company, under the supervision of the state regulatory agency DOGGR and independent technicians, made an intensive suite of upgrades to the facility and employed new technology and safety measures to ensure a similar situation could not occur again. The utility is concerned that with the Aliso storage field out of operation, Southern California’s energy reliability will be threatened. SoCal Gas Company, along with OCBC, challenged a recent report’s assumption that Southern California is unlikely to face potential blackouts in the coming summer months, when spiking temperatures call for increased gas usage. The report assumes system perfection 100 percent of the time, however, this is an unrealistic assumption. Prolonged periods of very hot weather or some interruption of electricity imports on long-distance power lines during brush fires or other mishaps could also heighten the risk of outages and such contingencies can only be planned for with the reopening of the Aliso field. OCBC asserts that any amount of outages is detrimental to the business community and should be diligently avoided. For more information, contact Patty Conover, OCBC Director. 
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