Jul 26 2017

OCBC Game Plans Next Steps on North OC Groundwater Basin

Despite millions of dollars in cleanup and legal fees that have already been paid by businesses in Fullerton, Anaheim and Placentia near the North Orange County Groundwater Basin, Orange County Water District continues to pursue a very risky strategy. OCWD recently wrote a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown claiming the North Basin warrants an EPA superfund designation, which not only would force businesses to continue paying, but would also brand the area with a Scarlett Letter of contamination. Despite OCBC’s efforts to work with OCWD and cities near the North Basin to reach an effective, albeit less drastic solution, the agency has “won” the state’s support in their efforts. OCBC will continue to work diligently on this matter and evaluate the next steps to help business mitigate the impact of these actions as it moves to US EPA for consideration. For more information, contact Peter DeMarco, OCBC Sr. VP. 
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