Business Attraction and Retention

bus and tetentionOrange County Business Council is at the forefront of helping to bring new businesses to Orange County. OCBC’s business attraction team helps to provide businesses with the resources needed to make Orange County their new home. OCBC’s established relationships cross a broad spectrum of both public and private sector entities that are ready to assist companies looking to relocate to Orange County.

OCBC works closely with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development in working to help with site selection, permit streamlining, clearing of regulatory hurdles and identifying state resources that can help with relocation to Orange County.

OCBC also assists businesses in working with the County of Orange, local cities, and public utilities in helping to identify programs and incentives that can make a company’s relocation successful.

In addition, OCBC has an established track record in working with private utility companies, such as Southern California Edison, in identifying savings that are important to a company’s bottom line.

Business Retention – Red Team Successes

Business retention is the highest of priorities for the Orange County Business Council. With the help of our private and public sector partners, the following are just some of our success stories:

High Tech

OCBC, City of Lake Forest and Southern California Edison formed a unique collaboration resulting in the retention of one of Lake Forest’s largest employers. The company, employing 1,200 workers and expanding at 10% annually, renewed its lease in the City for another ten years, starting in 2012. This company not only plans to stay in Lake Forest, but also to expand from its current 327,000 square feet of office space to 354,727 square feet, renewing at very favorable terms which has allowed for substantial cost savings as well as the ability to continue normal business operations without disrupting employees with moving to a new location.


OCBC partnered with Southern California Edison to pull together a diverse team of public and private sector partners to assist in retaining a major Orange County employer, a high-tech manufacturer currently employing close to 700 people. Southern California Edison and OCBC built the team, comprised of public utilities, water and wastewater districts, State of California Employment Training Panel, the Orange County Workforce Investment Board, and others to respond to the company’s major concerns regarding their
Orange County location.

OCBC’s advocacy efforts resulted in significant regulatory relief for the employer resulting in savings of more than $450,000 annually. Additional assistance included an award of $689,760 to the employer for employee training purposes.


OCBC and the Governor’s office of Business and Economic Development began a coordinated effort which helped result in the retention of a global engineering group located in Orange County which specializes in extreme environment components and smart sub-systems for aerospace, defense and energy markets. This successful effort was fostered by strong working relationships with the California Employment Training Panel, Orange County Workforce Investment Board, Orange County Transportation Authority, and Southern
California Southern California Edison.

The company’s decision to stay in Orange County resulted in the retention of 285 jobs, expansion of its operations resulting in an increase of an additional 120 jobs, and continued job creation in the future.