OCBC’s Task Forces
Addressing Key Orange County Issues

The Task Force meets as needed at the OCBC offices.

Health Care Task Force

OCBC’s Health Care Task Force partners with the business community, policymakers and other stakeholders to forge creative, consensus-based solutions to help reform health care policy in California. OCBC compiled an initial assessment to understand how health care reform, its costs and benefits, will impact California businesses. OCBC will conduct further research to expand and refine these findings.

Task Force Chair: Jena Jensen, CHOC Children’s
OCBC Staff: Alicia Berhow, Senior Vice President

Cybersecurity Task Force

In today’s increasingly digital society, cybersecurity is one of the leading issues facing the public and private sectors. The Cybersecurity Taskforce is a coalition of organizations from the academic, government and the private sectors working to ensure the business community stays abreast of the cutting-edge trends and issues.

Chair: Rick Nogueira, JPMorgan Chase
OCBC Staff: Jocelin Jimenez, OCBC Director

Legal Affairs Task Force

The Legal Affairs Task Force reviews, discusses and takes action on legal positions and issues that have a direct impact on the business community.

Chairs: Juan C. Basombrio, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
OCBC Staff: Lucy Dunn, President & CEO

OC Moves

Comprised of business leaders, public agencies and elected officials dedicated to improving regional transportation infrastructure in Orange County. OCMoves Steering Committee meetings are not open to general membership of OCBC.

Co-Chairs: Mike Kraman, CEO, Transportation Corridor
OCBC Staff: Alicia Berhow, Senior Vice President