OCBC Is Currently Advocating in Support of Each of The Following Bills

Visit OCBC’s Action Center for live updates on each of these bills. 

AB288 (Holden and Olsen) Public schools: College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships- This bill would authorize the governing board of a community college district to enter into a College and Career Access Pathways partnership with the governing board of a school district with the goal of developing seamless pathways from high school to community college for career technical education or preparation for transfer, improving high school graduation rates, or helping high school pupils achieve college and career readiness. (OCBC-sponsored legislation).

AB596 (Daly) Common interest developments: annual budget report- AB 596 requires a statement be provided to members of homeowners associations regarding the status of its Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-approved condominium project and whether that status changes. (OCBC-sponsored legislation).

AB185 (Eduardo Garcia and Medina)   Income taxation: insurance taxation: credits: California New Markets Tax Credit – AB 185 establishes the California New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program, authorizing up to $200 million in tax credits to be deployed through assistance to small businesses located in very low-income census tracts.

AB194 (Frazier) High-occupancy toll lanes – This bill would authorize a regional transportation agency, in cooperation with regional departments, to apply to the commission to develop other toll facilities, as specified. The bill would delete the requirement that the facilities be consistent with the established standards, requirements, and limitations that apply to specified facilities and would instead require the commission to establish guidelines for the development and operation of the facilities approved by the commission on or after January 1, 2016, subject to specified minimum requirements.

AB366(Bonta) Medi-Cal: reimbursement: provider rates- AB 366 would repeal the implementation of prior year Medi-Cal rate reductions, which include the 10 percent reduction to Medi-Cal providers and the retro-active amount owed to the state by hospital-based SNFs. It also increases payment rates for outpatient health care providers to that of Medicare payment levels; increases hospital Medi-Cal DRG rates on a one-time basis and requires annual increases thereafter; and requires the state to reimburse Medi-Cal managed care plans at the upper end of their rate range.

AB857 (Perea) California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program- The California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program, upon appropriation from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, funds zero- and near-zero-emission truck, bus, and off-road vehicles and equipment technologies and related projects, with priority given to certain projects. This includes projects that benefit disadvantaged communities. The program, until January 1, 2018, requires no less than 20 percent of the funding made available for the purposes of technology development, demonstration, pre-commercial pilots, and early commercial deployments of zero- and near-zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty truck technology support and technology.

AB1335 (Atkins) Building Homes and Jobs Act-  The bill would impose a fee of $75 to be paid at the time of recording every real estate instrument, paper, or notice required or permitted by law, providing moneys in a fund that may be expended for supporting affordable housing, home ownership opportunities, and other housing-related programs.

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