OCBC is Your OC Metro July “Cover Girl!”

Orange County Business Council is proud to share that OC Metro has made OCBC and our fearless leader, Lucy Dunn, the cover story for their July issue! The 13-page spread covers the history of the organization, highlights our greatest accomplishments, and features the leadership Lucy Dunn has provided to the organization over the last six years.

Ms. Dunn will tell you that she doesn’t do it all by herself, however. OCBC’s 50-member Board of Directors, made up of a who’s who of corporate Orange County gives the business council an incredible advantage in tackling issues and moving pro-business policies.

A big thank you goes out to OCBC’s Co-Chair of Communications and Churm Media Founder/CEO, Steve Churm. OCBC would not have received this honor without the support and dedication of our members and investors. Together we will continue to represent and promote the business community to enhance Orange County’s economic development and prosperity in order to preserve a high quality of life.

CLICK HERE to view the spread.

For more information, contact Celeste Signorino, Vice President of Investor Relations and Business Development.

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