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May 16 2017

Millennial About Town: Kaitlynn Irvine Checks Out 4th St. Market in DT Santa Ana

“Millennial About Town!” chronicles the great entertainment, arts, and culture found right here in Orange County. Got suggestions for me? Send them to Patty Conover. 
A melting pot of culture in the base of downtown Santa Ana, 4th Street Market shines. Created as a safe haven for small business to thrive, it features food showcases for new and unroofed business; kitchen incubators serving as a space for startups; and a diverse food hall. Overall, 4th street is a delightful place to spend a day with the option to either indulge in quality culinary creations, or not spend a dime and enjoy the live music and culture. 4th Street exudes a diverse urban atmosphere echoing  Santa Ana’s genuine roots. The patio features a unique graffiti art wall and homey wooden tables. Inside a modern industrial space references sweet touches of Santa Ana history in old photos. The wide array of food options was astounding. Dishes range from Vietnamese, fresh specialty pizza, classic and new poultry, SouthWest infused plates, hearty sandwiches, to hand crafted coffee and desserts – there isn’t a shortage of savory options to choose from. During my Saturday brunch, I tried a little bit of everything- luckily I had friends along and didn’t feel too guilty as all ingredients were fresh. We shared plates just in time for a DJ spinning an upbeat mix of music. The talent rotates daily at 4th Street Market, from live Spanish folk to trendy pop. I loved every dish I tried, but my personal favorites were the Bee Sting Specialty Pizza from Jinny’s Pizza and the Breakfast Torta Sandwich from Alta Baja -every item tasted like a fresh secret specialty. Learning more about 4th Street Market, I better understood the personable feeling I embraced there. It is an asset to the Orange County community by holding on to the heartbeat of the culturally diverse and thriving Santa Ana that makes the impossibility of a small local business possible.
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