OCBC Legislation Update – April 2019

OCBC’s Government Affairs team has been sending letters to bill authors and committees expressing support and opposition to proposed legislation impacting business.

So far in 2019, OCBC has recorded several victories: the defeat of AB 766 (Chiu), a bill that sought to ban the sale of sugar sweetened beverages in large unsealed containers prevalent in convenience stores, and the defeat of AB 138 (Bloom), a bill imposing a statewide tax of 2 cents per fluid ounce on sugary beverages. Both bills have been shelved for the rest of the session.

Among numerous other bills, OCBC has emphasizes its support for a number of bills. SB 50, which would provide essential housing for low- and middle-income residents statewide by making housing more abundant in job-rich, transit-rich areas; AB 65, which addresses the rising sea levels threatening many living near California’s coasts through natural infrastructure, an economically and ecologically sensible mitigation; and SB 248, which would provide financial relief to 2.4 million low- and middle-income renters by restructuring the renter’s tax credit to ensure more relief for filers with dependents.

To read more on OCBC’s position on legislation Click Here for the 2019 Legislative Action Guide or to track the current status of proposed legislation Click Here

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