Dec 09 2018

OCBC Recaps: California Legislative Swearing-In Ceremony

By Alicia Berhow, OCBC Sr. Vice President

On December 3, OCBC’s Chris Reese and I attended the State of California Legislative Swearing-In Ceremony in Sacramento.  The Democrats now have what is considered a “mega-majority” in both houses, with the Assembly Democrats securing 60 out of 80 seats and 29 out of 40 seats in the Senate.

OCBC met with returning members such as Republican Leader Pat Bates as well as incoming members including St. Senators’ Tom Umberg and Bob Archuleta, and Assemblymembers’ Connie Petrie-Norris and Tyler Diep.  In our meetings throughout the day the buzz in the Capitol centered on CEQA modernization, single-payer, early childhood education and split roll.  The members and committee staff we spoke to stated that with the “mega-majority”, both houses now had a few “throw-away” votes, meaning that there will not be enough moderate Democrats to beat back the agenda of the far-left of the party. 

OCBC’s role this year will be to work with Legislators and caution restraint on spending.  The incoming lawmakers have already released a series of bills that would increase the budget an additional $10 billion.  Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom has issued a statement saying that California will continue to exercise fiscal limits.  With economic experts predicting a recession in his first-term, the Governor-Elect is and his team are preparing for a down-turn.

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