May 02 2017

OCBC Supports U.S. Chamber in Efforts to Advance Health Care Reform

The following is a transcript of a recent radio spot from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce urging Congress to continue their work toward meaningful health care reform. OCBC will continue working with the Chamber to advance these efforts. “Under Obamacare, American workers and businesses have been suffering under the weight of unaffordable costs and onerous requirements that threaten job creation and national growth. Obamacare’s taxes and mandates have driven rates sky high, and employers and individuals need relief before several of the taxes increase again and drive premiums even higher. U.S. Chamber of Commerce remains committed to meaningful health care reforms that would protect the employer-sponsored health care system, ease the burden on individuals and businesses, spur economic growth, and foster more opportunity for all Americans. The U.S Chamber’s Katie Mahoney: 

‘We need to restore choice, flexibility and innovation to our country’s health insurance markets.

The business community stands ready to work with Congress and the administration to advance further health reform legislation and implement solutions.’ The clock is ticking, and it’s imperative that lawmakers quickly work together to pass health care reform.” CLICK HERE to tell Congress to fix the system.  

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